Not Another™ Selected as an NZTE Focus Customer

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Not Another™ Selected as an NZTE Focus Customer

Not Another™ design studio has been selected as an NZTE Focus Customer. This intensive relationship with the government agency allows the design studio to raise capital, have access to internationally successful business people, and grow overseas.

The New Zealand Trade and Enterprise - or NZTE for short - is focussed on helping New Zealand companies grow internationally, for the good of New Zealand. By providing a wealth of resources, access to funding, and on-the-ground knowledge, NZTE enables local businesses to export their goods and services. 

With varying levels of support depending on the business, Focus Customers receive a high level of attention. Through local knowledge, connections, funding tools, and more, NZTE sets out to provide value to New Zealand businesses looking to fundraise and grow.

Focus Customers work with NZTE closely, acting as if they were on the same team. Successes and failures are shared, strategies are reshaped as needed, and financials are transparent. The close-knit nature of the relationship leads to success - they achieved $645 million NZD worth of new capital investment and $2.4 billion NZD worth of export deals for NZTE supported companies, according to the 2018/19 NZTE Annual Report.

Not Another™ recently opened their first overseas design studio in Sydney, and have plans for more international locations. Being a part of the NZTE Focus Customer Portfolio means more focussed attention and resources to these plans. 

This intensive relationship allows Not Another™ to hold the attention of international experts in new locations Not Another™, have access to funding opportunities, and work closely with industry leaders to hone the message and approach overseas. 

By working with NZTE, Not Another™ is able to export their design studio’s talent, skill sets, and unique business model overseas. Obtaining an international client base allows Not Another™ to break into new markets, bringing international best practices, talent, and companies back home to New Zealand. 

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