Let’s agree on a few things…

Here are the Not Another™ Terms and Conditions you agree to when you work with us.

1. Let’s respect and love one another and we’ll all finish with something we’re all proud of.

2. Design projects with momentum are the best design projects. The ones that drag on always end up getting ugly. Please make sure you’re in the headspace to get your project done and let’s hit it with pace and keep momentum.

3. Trust us. We know what we’re doing. We’ll always ask for your thoughts and input, but we ask that you let us make the final call; we’ve done this before and will always do what we think is in your absolute best interest. If you like to micro-manage and know exactly what it is you want creatively, you’re probably better off going with a freelancer who’s happy to take your every instruction and revision.

4. We don’t have a set limit of client revisions but let’s not be silly. We can afford to keep our pricing affordable by not having endless back-and-forths over tiny details and changes of mind.

5. We don’t do pointless meetings, and we use video calls. More often than not, meetings are pointless and can be replaced by one or two to-the-point emails. When it is best to present or talk about something in person, we usually do it over a Google Hangouts video call. It avoids either you or us having to travel, saving us all time and money, and saving the planet some of its fast-depleting carbon budget.

6. We undertake every single project with care and dedication but we take zero liability whatsoever for impacts — positive and negative — our work has on your business. If our work helps you triple your sales overnight, you get all the credit. If it leads to you getting sued, you take all the blame.

7. All work we do for you is owned by Not Another™ until you pay for it. We reserve the right to pull any websites down and/or any other work we’ve done for you if you don’t pay by the dates our invoices are due.