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without bullsh*t.

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Capturing the essence of our backyard

Bringing Tumbledown to life started by giving the brand its name, then developing the visual identity, photographing and filming hero and product imagery, and rolling it out to an ecommerce store built on Shopify.

Tourism New Zealand

Five cities.
35 experts.
350 experiences.

With international tourism at a standstill, Not Another™ teamed up with our friends at Neat Places to create a domestic tourism campaign unlike any other.


"We're not economists, but we can make posters."

As the economic impact of COVID-19 was beginning to become clear, we knew we had to do something to help fellow small New Zealand businesses like us. We're not economists, but we can make posters; so that's what we did.

What we do

Not Another™ is not just another graphic design studio. We deliver everything you need to launch or relaunch your brand— including the boring stuff. Launching a brand is more than just designing a logo, business cards, and a website. We do all that, plus everything else you’ll need to deliver your freshly minted brand. We’re not just another graphic design studio, we’re a full brand and business-building machine.

Brand Strategy
Graphic Design
Brand Kits
Photo & Video
Business Building


We're proud to have delivered exceptional work for some of New Zealand's top organisations. Here are some of the people we've worked for.

ABEX logoNgai Tahu Tourism logoTourism New Zealand logoBayleys logo
Neatplaces logoSwanndri logoFirstTable logoChristchurchNZ logo

How do we deliver amazing brands at a fraction of the price you’d expect? It’s all thanks to the way we do things. The main ingredients are process and talent. In short: we have the most streamlined process and the best global talent.

We say yes to

Thinking big. Rethinking pre-conceived ideas. Working smarter and harder. Cutting out the BS. Getting to know your business. Big budgets. Small budgets. Making your life easy. Overdelivering. Great sandwiches. Exceptional coffee. "Board meetings" (when the surf's up). Supporting local. Exceptional work. Meaningful work. Helping out mates. Challenging our clients. Open doors. Transparency. Curiosity. Getting the first round.

We say no to

Convoluted contracts. Fine print. Pointless meetings. Bill shock. Compromised work. Climate denial. Being precious. Being pretentious. Procrastinating. Taking the easy option. Soulless office spaces. Working with a**holes. Endless email threads. Talking about ourselves too much. Charging you by the hour.

From the studio...

Not Another™ Design Director: Eddy Davies

Not Another™ Design Director: Eddy Davies


Our Favourite Live Gigs on the Web

Our Favourite Live Gigs on the Web


Mission to Magic With Seventhwave

Mission to Magic With Seventhwave


Swanndri Takes to the Hills With Offcut

Swanndri Takes to the Hills With Offcut