ORIX New Zealand

Moving New Zealand Businesses Forward

At Not Another™, we worked with ORIX New Zealand to design and develop the business a new Webflow website from the ground up. Our approach was rooted in strategic thinking, reflecting our belief that a great website is so much more than just a business "shopfront"; it's a business-critical platform that works 24/7 to automate tasks for our clients and is a key cog in their wider business.

With a focus on ORIX's key customer personas and user journeys, we aimed to create an online presence that truly resonated with their audience and was optimised for lead generation, by delivering genuine value to users. To maximise the website's functionality, we implemented advanced features, including API integrations with Salesforce and vehicle management software. These integrations not only enhance user experience but also streamline internal processes for the ORIX New Zealand team.

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Art Direction
Webflow Website
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Telling the ORIX New Zealand Story

All image and video content on the ORIX New Zealand website was produced by us at Not Another™. Our goal was to project the warmth and personal touch the ORIX New Zealand team is known for in person, through their website. Also part of the brief from ORIX: make the website less Auckland-centric and reflect the beautifully diverse landscapes of Aotearoa.

Ongoing Support and Optimisation

Recognising the importance of continuous improvement, ORIX New Zealand chose to partner with Not Another™ for ongoing support. We monitor website analytics and heatmaps, and uncover valuable insights and opportunities for optimisation. This ongoing collaboration ensures that the website remains a dynamic, high-performing asset for the business.