Closed to Harassment

Closing Aotearoa Off to Harassment

In a digital age where online harassment and harmful communication have seen a concerning 24 percent increase, Netsafe, New Zealand's online safety advocate, took action during Netsafety Week. Their mission was clear: arm Aotearoa with the tools for safer and more positive online experiences. Not Another™ joined forces with Eleven PR to bring the Closed to Harassment campaign to life, addressing this pressing issue.

At the heart of this initiative was the Closed to Harassment Social Media Self Defence Course, aimed at equipping New Zealanders with the means to tackle online harassment. Research has shown that over half of respondents had experienced online safety issues, with nearly 25 percent exposed to unwanted social media contact. The course was designed to empower everyone, from individuals to businesses, to better navigate an imperfect online world.

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Taking a Stand

As part of Netsafety Week, Kiwis and New Zealand businesses came together, pledging to be 'Closed to Harassment' for one hour on Friday, July 28th, at 10 am. This collective effort was a powerful demonstration of the commitment to positive online experiences.

Backed by Businesses

Several New Zealand organisations, including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, and many others, pledged to stand against harassment. They understood the significance of backing their teams in safely navigating the digital realm.