Better at Bayleys

Recruiting the industry's best

Bayleys Canterbury came to Not Another™ with a very open brief to devise a campaign to recruit the very best real estate agents. As the leading real estate firm in the country, Bayleys' goal is to bring on agents who are at the absolute top of their game. Our response to this challenge was to develop Better at Bayleys: a comprehensive campaign that features Bayleys real estate agents talking about how you Live, Earn, Sell and Be Better at Bayleys.

As a starting point before devising the campaign, we mapped out a customer journey showing how we'd target real estate agents from competing firms with an online, out of home, and print awareness campaign, lead them to a microsite which compels them to download more information, then retarget them with more engaging content to keep Bayleys top of mind. Our strategy also included the all-important human touch of having real Bayleys people follow up our prospective new recruits with phone calls and face-to-face meetings, to turn leads into warm leads, and warm leads into new star players in the Bayleys team.

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Hardworking Content

At Not Another™, we pride ourselves on developing very hardworking content that is re-purposed to work across multiple touchpoints, delivering the most amount of value possible for our clients. To bring the campaign to life, Not Another™ photographed and interviewed 11 real estate agents to get their perspectives on life at Bayleys. This produced a wealth of high-quality and engaging content which we then rolled out into awareness and retargeting campaigns across multiple digital platforms. The images and video were also used on the Better at Bayleys microsite, the downloadable information pack, and in print advertising.

The Microsite in the Middle

Our campaign is centred around the microsite which we also designed and built. More than just a central place for prospective new recruits to hear from all the Bayleys real estate agents, we designed the microsite to work as a hardworking lead magnet, by asking prospective real estate agents to supply their contact details to download the Better at Bayleys information pack. This strategy allowed us to open up the lines of communication directly between Bayleys and the talented real estate agents they're looking to have join their team.

"The creative work from Not Another™ is outstanding. They captured the sentiment of what we were saying in terms of brand and visuals perfectly. If you are looking to work with a creative agency who will achieve a fresh approach with each and every project, Not Another™ will set your brand apart from others."

Julie Goodman, Bayleys Canterbury