Keeping it local

With New Zealand coming out of lockdown, businesses needed all the helping hand they could get. A lot of people were talking about the need to shop local but we realised not many people were talking about why that was so important, and how shopping local had real tangible benefits to business owners, their staff and, in fact: to all of us.

To show those benefits, we devised the concept for a video that shows the circular effects of spending money in the community rather than offshore. We pitched the script and storyboard to ChristchurchNZ who loved it, and threw their support behind us to make it happen. Local Christchurch actor Monique Clementson brought our script to life onscreen, as did the staff of the great places we featured.

Scope of work
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"I highly recommend Not Another™. Their balance of creativity and strategy is ideal and the business model is refreshing. Their honest and transparent style builds trust quickly and delivers huge value for their clients. The quality of the work speaks for itself. World class experience."

Tim Loftus, ChristchurchNZ