Facebook SCAM Gallery

Tackling SCAMs with a gallery

Facebook approached Not Another™ to come up with a campaign idea that would help them and their partners raise awareness about online scams. Our solution? The Society of Con Artists and Manipulators Gallery, or SCAM for short: an online art gallery showcasing the world's most dangerous scams.

Scams cost Kiwis more than $11.6 million last year and they're getting more and more sophisticated but if we can learn about what to look for, we can all protect ourselves together. So step inside the SCAM Gallery, and find out how to spot — and stop — dangerous scams.

Scope of work
Campaign Concept
Campaign Identity
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Tackling a serious subject

We devised the campaign idea and produced it, including video scripts, film production, full suite of advertising outputs, the website design, and the digital marketing. We knew we had to convey the seriousness of the topic in an easy-to-digest format to get the message across effectively, and illustrate the key fact that scams are getting more and more sophisticated.

Sharing SCAM with New Zealanders

The final touch to the campaign was to ensure it was seen by as many New Zealanders as possible. The obvious platforms were Facebook and Instagram, where we could have some fun with interactive ads that ensured high click-through rates to the microsite. That's where the bulk of the campaign came to life, but we also wanted to bring it to the streets of New Zealand and did so through high impact billboards across the country.

"It was fantastic working with the team at Not Another™. They brought so much energy and creativity every step of the way in developing this important educational campaign for audiences throughout Aotearoa New Zealand."

Cheryl Seeto, Facebook