Not Another™ Book

f&*k complacency

We created a book that captures our first four years in business. The theme: "COMPLACENCY KILLS" — If you’re complacent, you have no drive or hunger to make things better, and that burning desire of making things better is at the heart of creativity. Complacency kills creativity and that's why we have no time for it at Not Another™. As we expand beyond New Zealand and Australia, we have a choice: do it the old-school (complacent) way or pave a new path that re-writes the creative agency script and ensures we constantly find better outcomes for people and planet. As well as killing creativity, complacency — on a global scale — has also got us into the climate and environmental crises we're in. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. So this book says: “f&*k complacency.” It's the philosophy that's helped us take this business from nothing to something, and will continue to push us forward from here.

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