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Try Our Free Creative Brief Generator

A creative brief helps a new project start off on the right foot. This brief is used to define the scope, objectives, deliverables, and more to keep everyone on the same page. At Not Another™, we use creative briefs at the beginning of all our projects to make sure our tasks are clearly defined and we’re totally aligned with our client’s goals.

If you’re starting a new project, or have been tasked with creating one from scratch, we’ve created a free creative brief generator to help you kickstart your next project. Feel free to use it for any creative projects you want to brief; with us or another agency. Or if you’re a creative yourself, feel free to send it to your client to help them verbalise what it is they’re after.

What is a creative brief?

A creative brief is a strategy outline for a creative project. Whether the project is a major redesign of a website or a brand video, a creative brief helps each project run smoother, outlining the clear direction for all those involved. 

Creative briefs are usually developed in the project initiation phase. These briefs are meant to be short — they’re called briefs, after all — and used by both the creative team delivering the project and the client commissioning the work.

What's included in a good creative brief?

Every creative brief is different, but they should all include a project’s purpose, key objectives, deliverables, budget, deadline, and contact information of those involved. Depending on the project’s objectives, more detailed and project-specific information can be worked in.  

Why is a good creative brief beneficial?

A creative brief is similar to a roadmap - it outlines the basic journey of turning your ideas into reality. It puts everyone on the same page before the project even begins, ensuring less hiccups along the way. A well-written brief can even keep misunderstandings and last-minute changes at bay — a win for everyone!

If you’ve never worked on a creative project before, you may struggle to know where to begin. Instead of diving right into the project, take some time to define the goals and direction you want the project to go. Simple bullet points can do the trick. When you hand this over to the creative team, it will allow them — and you — a point of reference to help guide decision making. 

However, it’s important to remember that a creative brief is only as restrictive as you make it. It’s not a binding agreement, so use it as a jumping off point for a project. If things veer out of scope, use its objectives and goals to anchor a project back in. 

If you’re working with a third-party agency or team on a project, a creative brief is crucial in keeping everyone on the same page. The brief helps the team zero in on the scope and deliverables, making the project run efficiently. We wouldn’t start a project without one!

How do I create a Creative Brief?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of writing one yourself and have a simple generator which you can use for free. Ours is easy to fill out and perfect for branding, marketing, website, photography, and videography projects. Take a few moments to fill one out and we’ll email the completed brief back to you so you can get started on your project. 

You can try out our creative brief generator here.

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