Swanndri Takes to the Hills With Offcut

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Swanndri Takes to the Hills With Offcut

Right up there with the Pavlova, the buzy bee toy, and Marmite sandwiches: the Swanndri x Offcut collab caps are about as iconicly Kiwi as it comes... and they're harder to get than Marmite was in the middle of Marmageddon back in 2012.

From the moment he founded Offcut,  Adrien Taylor (who's also half of Not Another™) had Swanndri in his sights as the ultimate goal to collaborate with. After a lot of door knocking, the collaboration finally happened with offcuts of Swanndri's world-famous blue check wool.

The first range of caps sold out within 15 minutes, the second collaboration was gone in eight. Needless to say, the Offcut and Swanndri crew knew they'd created an instant classic and New Zealanders couldn't get enough of it.

Today, the Swanndri x Offcut collaborations live on in limited ranges which come out every few months. For the Summer 2019/2020 drop, we took to the hills behind our home in Sumner and shot photos and video of the new caps being modelled by local bloger Danielle France (@themustardjumper) and her partner, Alex. Adrien was behind the lens alongside our very own and ever-talented Michael Roberts (@michaelrobertsfilms).

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